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Today we’re going to ignore all of these questions.

So, you’d probably think a dongle doesn’t have much going on. As expected, one end is a simple female 3.5 mm headphone jack, and the other end is a male Lightning connector.

And with Logic Remote, you can engineer it all on your i Pad Pro, i Pad, or i Phone from anywhere in the room.

Keep your sessions better organized by consolidating multiple related tracks — for example, all the drums or vocals — into a track format called Track Stacks.

Choose to have the tracks routed to a new auxiliary for quick and convenient submixing.

In past i Phones like the 6s, both DAC and ADC functions were handled internally.

And your Track Stack can be collapsed for simplicity or expanded at any time for more control.

Other track-based features add even more functionality.

Logic Pro X has an enormous collection of instruments and creative plug-ins to help you flesh out your ideas — from uncanny models of vintage keyboards like the Hammond B3 organ to an endlessly flexible Drum Kit Designer and EXS24 Sampler support for sampled instruments.

Use Alchemy, the most powerful instrument in Logic Pro X, to play and explore a huge library of over 3000 sounds, with a keyword browser to quickly zero in on what you’re looking for.

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