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The two men conducted a lengthy correspondence and collaborated on an initially joint vision of human psychology.Freud saw in the younger man the potential heir he had been seeking to carry on his "new science" of psychoanalysis.Instead of renewing your efforts and ensuring that you have mini milestones where you can pat yourself on the back and even reward yourself, you’re consumed with feeling bad about the decision you’ve made and fantasising.In fact, you’re so preoccupied with busting your proverbial nuts over acting in your best interests that you’ve forgotten the many months you’ve been utterly miserable. It may well be because you’ve experienced this with an actual diet, but actually, this is what many people go through when they make a decision, such as ending a relationship that wasn’t working for them, or they even cut contact.Make a plan for how to take care of yourself which of course will only help to support your course of action and decision. It’s not like the universe claps you on the back and throws you a golden ticket for doing what you needed to do anyway.

In fact, the first few days it was like an hour at a time.You don’t like what you’re feeling now because it feels like you’re denying yourself and that’s starting to feel worse than when you were unhappy with your weight.In your daydreams, you imagine what would happen if someone came to you and offered you, for example, a tub of Green & Blacks white chocolate and raspberry swirl ice-cream. ” and you imagine how it will taste and how you’ll feel while you’re eating it.It’s not long of course before you have an off day at work or you’re just frickin worn out with having to fight the temptation, and your resolve finally crumbles. Each time reality nags, you bury the thought and eat some more, although you don’t feel any better about your weight either. Just like staring at a bar of chocolate and hoping that the impulse will strike you to resist it is futile, so is staring at your phone wondering if they’ll call, why they haven’t called, are they having the time of their life while you’re sitting there trying to have the willpower not to call, and whether you should call your service provider to see if there’s been a ‘fault’.Once the ‘high’ has passed, you feel bad again, only this time it’s about ‘letting yourself down’. If I kept staring at someone’s Facebook page and tracking their movements, I’d backtrack on my decision too – talk about torment!

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