Rob and big dating game girls

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The comedic show about this odd couple has become a big hit and has been picked up for a second season.

In early 2007, Rob began shooting his own movie that he stars in and produced.

TVLINE Jane’s mom (played by Faith Prince) is also back in the season finale.

Usually, we use her character for a lot of comedic relief.

Rob's skateboarding DVD's also became a huge hit within the skateboarding community.

As a kid, Rob always had trouble finding places to skateboard without getting kicked out or ticketed.

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Seize your chance of becoming the most popular celebrity fashion stylist in Hollywood dressing up the hottest couple of the moment!He turned pro when he was 16 and joined the Alian Workshop Team.His amazing boarding skills and tricks earned him a spot as a DC Shoes endorser as a 21-year old.Dyrdek opened his first Safe Spot Skate Spot during the course of the first season.I drove around for at least 25 minutes looking for a parking spot and thought "great, she's going to have a wonderful first impression of me." When I finally made my way into the mall/ in front of the restaurant, I texted her and apologized for being late and said I hoped she was still there, and she immediately responded that she was also still looking for parking.

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