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Sara Brannon, and together they uncover much more than they bargained for. Both my husband and I are enjoying it and looking forward to Mexican Hat and Serpent Gate, books 2 and 3. The best part of Men’s Fiction is you know it will be a solid read and that “The. Other than the author failing to smite a person that richly deserved it, this is a great read.

It’s the first in a series that shows promise so I’ll probably read the second.

But his godson, who is in the military at white sands missile Range, goes missing; so Kersey agrees to search for him. Once the quest begins, our anti-hero suffers greatly, both physically and mentally but through great moral strength the mission/quest is brought to a successful conclusion. It has all the right elements in all the right places with a special bonus of horses. It’s comfortable and our anti-hero gets the girl and solves the mystery/obtains the treasure/and smites the bad. “Why,” you may ask, “did you give this a three star rating instead of a four if you liked it so much.” Fair question.

This causes him to deal with military personnel and procedures and eventually leads him to a Mexican border town and unscrupulous sellers of stolen artifacts. Book 1 of the Kevin Kerney series - based in the New Mexico area where the author is from. There is always a love interest, and this varies with the writer. Answer: Our hero failed to smite the evil overlord, a smuggler and purveyor of drugs.

And yet, when that former partner's son, Kerney's godson, goes missing from the Army base is classified AWOL, all is forgiven and Kerney pledges to track him down.

The narrative never flags though it is not always fast-paced.

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