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The reason they gave me was that their schedule was full.

I feel that the installation of one window, albeit a picture window approx.

Incredibly poor customer service and poor quality work.

I have gone thru Thanksgiving and soon Christmas with a torn up kitchen.

Measurements were taken for the solid surface via laser level.

On 9/21/17 countertop was installed; they used 2×4’s to shim and left my stove in the middle of the floor saying it couldn’t be used until it was raised level with the countertop otherwise it would cause a fire.

The installer said they would install it on Dec 14; when I complained about that they offered to pull it in a day, to Dec 13.

The store scheduled a delivery between – , Tuesday Dec 5th; it is now almost two hours outside of the delivery window – It’s not here yet.

The store manager, Zeke, has kept me a customer so far by interceding in several issues thus far including getting the 26 windows installed on Oct 23, the day they were scheduled for. Mc Cue Reply I am deeply concerned about some return policies.

06, 2017 with the understanding that they would be installed by Oct. These contracts totaled over ,000.00 I paid for the windows, in full, at the time of order placement even though my first reaction was to proceed with a deposit of 25-50% with the remainder upon complete installation.

I had interviewed four (4) other vendors, all of which wanted a deposit up front & the remainder upon installation. He wanted to leave information in spite of that and announced that he could do it by the end of the month.

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