Ultragrid validating

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Below is an example that demonstrates how you can obtain and set cell values using the def Accessing Extended Cell Values(): # Obtain the application process p1 = Sys.

Process("Samples Explorer") # Select the "Per Cell Value List and Editors" demo p1Main. Dbl Click Item("|Feature Samples|V3 Per Cell Value List and Editors") w1 = p1Cell Value List.

Message(Grid.w Value[5, "Field Value"]) # Assign a new value to cell Grid.w Value[5, "Field Value"]= 12345 Log.

Message(Grid.w Value[5, "Field Value"]) # Obtain a value of a text cell Log.

ultragrid validating-86

Message(Grid.w Value(5, 'Field Value')); // Obtain a value of a text cell Log.Win Forms Object('tab Control1'); // Switch to the “Per Cell Editor” tabbed page w1.Click Tab('Per Cell Editor'); // Get the grid control Grid := w1Page Cell Editor.panel2.ultra Grid2; // Obtain a value of an integer cell Log.Message(Grid.w Value(12, "Field Value")) Grid.w Value(12, "Field Value")= "7/7/2007 PM" Log.Message(Grid.w Value(12, "Field Value")) Call p1Cell Value List.

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