Updating address with irs

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It also records the deposits that unions have made against the liabilities.The IRS uses the form to gauge whether the employer has made the deposits in a timely manner.Which means your local will not be held liable for taxes during that period.The other good news is that you will have until Dec 31, 2016 to have your tax-exempt status reinstated.[941 Schedule B Instructions - PDF] IRS Form should be used to correct mistakes made on Form 941.

Locals that fall in this category are urged to contact a professional tax preparer or APWU headquarters for assistance.It is used to show payments for people or companies that performed services for the union, and from whom the union did not deduct taxes. The information for this form should come from a completed W-9.[Form 1099-Misc Instructions - PDF] when making payments for any type of payroll tax (i.e.Unions should ask their employees to complete W-4 forms every year.[W-9 PDF] forms should be completed by companies or self-employed individuals that perform services for your union.

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