Updating meade autostar 497 controller

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Included in the Audio Star’s database are all of the following 30,000 astronomical objects and stars – a range of objects certain to keep even the most active amateur astronomer growing in his or her studies of the skies for years: With a talking Audio Star™ plugged into your Meade scope, the astronomical universe is in the palm of your hand.Never before has such powerful telescope technology been so informative and easy to operate, even by the most casual observer.hand control – ETX Premier and later, LXD-55 and LXD-75 scopes, LX-90, etc.Even if you still have your standard hand control, you can replace it with the Audio Star™ to upgrade any of these scopes to the latest Audio Star™ technology.

Astronomer Inside™ puts the experience and astronomical knowledge of a professional astronomer in the palm of your hand.

The go to function of auto align is now complete and you can slew to any object in the Autostar database and when you look in the eye piece it should be there and remain there as the clock gears continue to track the object.

One reason I recommended you start when there is light, is that you have got to do a couple of things to insure success of this procedure.

The star will not be centered in the finder scope, you'll need to use the Autostar left, right , up, arrows to center it.

Then look in the eye piece for the scope and do the same thing.

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