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You want to change networks, but your new SIM card won’t work in your phone.

Baffled, you call the new network, only to learn that your smartphone is locked to the first network, and there’s not much you can do about it. If you’re using an Android device (we’ve already covered SIM card unlocking for i Phones), there’s always something you can do.

With this 15-digit string handed over, the network should be able to provide you with a PIN code to enable your device to use the new network’s SIM card.(Note that the full process can differ across networks, and your new network may require you to input a specific code to work with that carrier.)This is particularly useful if you’re travelling overseas, for instance, and don’t have a dual SIM device.

While American carriers are not permitted to charge for this service, in the UK and Europe your network may charge a small administrative fee for unlocking your phone.

Since February 2015, it has been possible for American cell phone owners to ask their networks to unlock their devices to switch carriers, bringing the USA in line with the European Union (and reversing an unpopular law passed in 2013).

Carriers must also inform customers via a notice on the monthly bill whether the device is eligible for unlocking.

A couple that we have tried are sim-unlock.net, but there is no guarantee that these services will work for your smartphone or tablet.

SIM unlocking your smartphone or tablet isn’t ideal for everyone.

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These services have very poor reputations and are more than likely scams. These are more often than not laced with Trojans and other malware Amazing as it may seem, you can get in touch with your carrier about SIM unlocking your phone or tablet — and this really is your best option.SONY products repaired with us Mobiles, Laptops, Pads, Gadgets, Games and All.Our Gadget Repair Center possesses the Technical comprehension and Capability for any of your needs across Blackberry’s wide range of products.This enables you to insert a compatible SIM card from a different network and connect to their service.Unlocking the SIM does not root your phone; that would be unlocking the bootloader Not all phones are SIM/network locked.

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